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Justin Bright

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A Quick Intro

I can already see your eyes glazing over, so I hope this helps you make the decision to at least get me on the phone; a conversation goes a long way. So here it goes.

I'm personable, completely driven to make things work better online for everybody (to the advanced web savvy professional, down to my "technology-confuses-me" mother), and I love a challenge.

So there, nice and easy—call me so we can see if I'd be a good fit for your company and maybe you'll say, "Hey, cool, this guy's serious about driving our digital marketing activities," cause I am...and I will.


  • 20 years of marketing and web development experience with three of the largest North American speaker manufacturers and electronics brands, consistently increasing traffic and creating exciting, engaging content with a limited budget and few resources.
  • Responsible for developing and executing direct-to-consumer messaging strategies, specifically through online channels.
  • Created an social media campaign resulting in 400% growth in video views and 800% growth on Facebook in less than a year.
  • Helped increase online sales to from $100k to $3 Million per year and growing.
  • Master's Degree in Applied Information Technology from Towson University's College of Graduate Studies. I also have a BS in Physics, with concentrations in Computer Science, from Towson University.
  • Organized, focused and passionate about pushing the limits of digital marketing to create new sales growth both offline and on the web.


MASTERS OF SCIENCE (M.S.) - Applied Information Technology
Towson University, College of Graduate Studies and Research [Graduated 2010, Towson, MD]

Towson University, Undergraduate [Graduated 2002 - Towson, MD]

Work Experience

Director of Marketing & Digital Technology

MartinLogan, Paradigm & Anthem
2011 - Current
Toronto, Canada

Goals and Accomplishments

Develop and oversee marketing strategies for MartinLogan, Paradigm & Anthem brands across all digital channels. Lead and execute digital creative development and production process with emphasis on web and social marketing campaigns.

  • Currently developing global strategies to engaging customers across all digital platforms for brand awareness and constancy with marketing messages, focusing on customer engagement, usability, design, and accessibility through mobile platforms as well as traditional web platforms.
  • Created a successful video campaign that engaged consumers through YouTube, Facebook as well as news and social media outlets. Over 400% growth in video views and 800% in Facebook participation in a year, and growing exponentially.

Marketing Director

MartinLogan, Ltd.
2009 - 2011
Lawrence, KS

Goals and Accomplishments

Developed a Direct Marketing Strategy for a niche, hi-end segment of customers interested in premium loudspeakers.

  • In charge of overseeing all marketing activities, including advertising, brand identity, website development, social media campaigns, creative, voice of the customer, and marketing analytics. Report and work directly with the Senior VP of Sales.
  • Redesign and programmed MartinLogan.com to engage customers, focused on building a brand story to demystify electrostatic loudspeakers to the average consumer. Created and streamlined in-house database systems to support direct-to-consumer marketing efforts.
  • Key decision making with new product development and brand identity.
  • Developed the online and traditional media plan, overseeing all creative efforts.

Web Marketing Manager

Polk Audio, Inc
2007 - 2009
Baltimore, MD

Goals and Accomplishments

Key member of the Direct Sales Team, created in 2007 and tasked with developing a viable direct-to-consumer sales and e-commerce business model for our brand. Sales VP, Marketing VP, IT Director and Finance Director and were part of the team.

  • Programmed polkaudio.com to align with the direct sales plan, increased web sales $100k to $3 Million per year and growing.
  • Created, implemented and streamlined in-house operations to facilitate all direct-to-consumer fulfillments from web and eBay orders, including order processing to shipping out of our San Diego warehouse.
  • Was in charge of multiple intranet and extranet websites in the organization, worked directly with Senior Executives to create an execute company strategies and goals.
  • Managed a web team comprising of a web programming developer, copy writer and paid search marketing consulting firm.
  • Developed a "no-touch" automation of accommodation web sales, flowing orders from an online web site, created and managed in-house, to integrate with our internal ERP software system for processing and fulfillment.
  • An official eBay direct store management system that would tie into our web fulfillment process, without relying on costly 3rd party solutions, generating $1 Million in annual sales.


Polk Audio, Inc
2001 - 2007
Baltimore, MD

Goals and Accomplishments (2005 - 2007)

Leverage the website by marketing select products on a direct-to-consumer basis by:

  • Speaking directly to consumers through email marketing campaigns and increased targeted banner advertising.
  • Re-brand the corporate site to align with traditional marketing efforts and goals, specifically giving the website a "voice" that talks to customers in an engaging and empowering way.
  • Worked closely with the Senior VP of Marketing to coordinate print advertisement campaigns with trackable, response-based websites.

Goals and Accomplishments (2001 - 2005)

Built and managed the corporate marketing website from the ground up, organized and consolidated product information for collaboration using online tools, and created a dynamic and useful website that engaged customers by:

  • Developing and programming a completely database driven website with a custom in-house Content Management System that featured a specs editor, product editor, system builder and many other tools for "non-technical" employees to contribute to the website -- with virtually zero overhead costs.
  • Moved the company forward with community based web applications (forums, customer reviews), created an intuitive and easy to use product registration system, and built interactive web tools to help customers learn and inform themselves before walking into a retail location.
  • Monitored and reported site statistics and metrics. We used these metrics to improve customer usability, enhance dealer and sales support, and streamline performance of content delivery.

A Few Other Jobs

If you're interested in jobs I had over 10+ years ago, click here.

Engineering / Marketing Intern

Polk Audio, Inc
1999 - 2001
Baltimore, MD

I started out at Polk with a passion for acoustical engineering. But once I started, I realized my interests and skills were best suited in an area I could see direct results. So after a while I started working in the Marketing department and really found something to be excited about. Most importantly, Polk gave me the opportunity to learn and innovate with a team of talented co-workers.

1996 - 1999
Gaithersburg, MD

NIST offered me a good opportunity to learn about all the ins-and-outs of government research. Fortunately I learned that government work was not for me.

More Stuff You Might Want To Know

  • Recognized by CustomerRetailer magazine as a “2011 Young Turk of Consumer Electronics.”
  • I started as a programmer, so I'm obsessed about details. Go ahead, take a peek at the source code of this page. I code everything by hand, you'll never catch me using a WYSIWYG editor. Fluent in many languages.
  • I constantly have ideas, and I like to be creative. Some are great, others stink. The best part about web marketing is the ability to come up with new ways to engage customers online, while still having a plethora of other great tools at our disposal.
  • "Prove it." That's something I hear a lot, which is why I've spent hours exploring and fine tuning analytics tools like WebTrends, Google Analytics and Google Optimizer.
  • Worked in the consumer electronic industry for over 20 years and have a deep passion for music; I play the guitar, bass and piano.


I've had the amazing opportunity to work with some great minds over the years. Here's are a few people that I've learned a great deal from along the way that were kind enough to write about our professional work experiences together.

  • Paul Grove - VP, North American Sales at MartinLogan
  • Dan Hodgson - Senior VP, Strategic Planning at Crutchfield Corporation
  • Dean Tassio - Senior VP, Sales & Marketing at MartinLogan
  • Joe Tristani - Chief Financial Officer at Polk Audio
  • Eliza McLaren - Personal Friend, 12th Grade English Teacher